How to install a Mosaic Medallion on a Kitchen Wall

Mosaic Medallions are made to create a beautiful accent on your kitchen walls. Here are our recommendations for a good installation.

1.- Lightly sand the surface walls.
If you are working on a painted wall, we recommend that you lightly sand the surface to ensure that the mortar grabs better.


2.- Make sure the surface it’s clean and dry
It’s really important that before installation your kitchen wall is clean and dry. We recommend a towel with water or alcohol clean really well and let it dry.

3..-Measure and decide where the Mosaic medallion will be installed.
After the surface is clean measure the surface and find the center. Draw a line at the bottom where the mosaic medallion will be installed then on the center of the installation. SEE PHOTO.

4.- Install a piece a lumber at the bottom.
Install a piece of wood or metal at the bottom from C to D (SEE Photo) to ensure the Mosaic Medallion will not slide down at the time of the installation.

5.- Use Tile Adhesive.
Cover the area where the Mosaic Medallion will be installed. Use a trowel to apply the adhesive evenly. Make sure remove the excess from the wall.

6.- Install the mosaic medallion
After the adhesive is apply evenly start setting the Mosaic Medallion in place using the lines you drew previously. Apply pressure with your hands to ensure the back of the mosaic medallion it’s even and all the back has adhesive.

7.- Let it dry
This step its really important. Make sure you let it dry for 24 hours or more before you start next step.

8.- Apply grout to the Mosaic Medallion
Using a float apply grout evenly to all the front of the mosaic medallion making sure to covered all the spaces between stones.

9.- Clean the excess grout
This step its really important. Make sure to clean really well all the grout unnecessary using clean water and a sponge. Using two sponges is recommended, apply a wet-dry and clean sponge once then use the other one, the key is NEVER use the sponge two times. Pass it ones clean it then pass it again.

I hope this blog helps you in your next project.
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