Custom Metal Coated Luxury Toilets

At MCTS TILE we like to innovate, this is why we have coated new items like this beautiful Custom Metal Coated Luxury Toilets made by Kohler Toilet.
At the moment we have to show Copper and Bronze Toilets with Antique Patina Finish but we can custom coat with Brass, Aluminum, Iron or Stainless Steel, With any finish.

Our fancy toilets are hand coated with real copper or bronze, the we apply clear coat to ensure durability.

Featuring the elegant architectural look of the MCTS Antimicrobial collection with Kohler Memoirs, this toilet tank delivers water-conserving flush power combined with traditional style. The 1.28-gallon flush offers up to 16,500 gallons of water savings per year, compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet, without sacrificing performance. The antimicrobial nanotechnology of the copper family is present in our products.

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Bronze Toilet


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Chateau Grape Medallion 24″ x 24″ Copper AP

Beautiful Mosaic Medallion can be use at your kitchen wall or in your wine cellar. Made with Copper and Natural Stones, this Mediterranean Style Mosaic Medallion is glue piece by piece on a fabric mesh for easy installation.
Customers can ask for it on your store near you or order it here.