Brass Sample

Samples are limited to one per color. Samples are great way to compere and match colors before you order metal tiles or medallion or custom metal coatings.



Brass Sample

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High Polish, Highlight Polish, Oil Rubbed, Antique Patina


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Antimicrobial Copper Studies

Copper and Copper Alloys contains nano particles of Copper that is well know that Copper has antimicrobial properties that have been utilized for thousands of years. However, we have only recently begun to understand how it works.  Modern science has repeatedly demonstrated the efficacy of copper surfaces in killing germs and reducing healthcare-acquired infection rates. Our technology takes the best of copper’s natural properties and re-engineers them for 21st century life.
Copper surfaces are charged with countless copper oxide ions. These ions form a defense network that rapidly attacks invading germs, flooding them with a lethal dose of ions.