Fleur de Grand Medallion 24" x 24" Bronze HLP

Fleur de Grand Medallion 24″ x 24″ Bronze HLP
Featuring the Fleur de Elegance Borderless, Rachel’s Dot and Studded Bracket
Showing in Bronze Highlight Polish with botticino florinto and noche.

You can order any of our backsplash medallions and metal accents in different sizes and in any of the stone colors or metal finishes.
For custom order call 951-695-4522.

Made in the USA
Ships in 3 weeks.


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Fleur de Grand Medallion 24" x 24" Bronze HLP


Fleur de Grand Medallion 24″ x 24″ Bronze HLP

Made with natural stones place and cut one piece at the time, this beautiful kitchen mosaic medallion can make your kitchen backsplash unique and outstanding.

The accents on the medallions are high quality metal coated resin. They are available in many different finishes   including oil rubbed bronze, copper and stainless steel.
Mosaic tile medallions are individually handcrafted in the USA . Arrives fully assembled on mesh backing, just glue onto the wall and grout. The stones are cut to fit in and around the metal accents.


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