Tumbled Brick 2" x 4" Nickel Silver HLP

Buy exactly what you need! this Tumbled Brick 2″ x 4″ Nickel Silver its sold by the piece.


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Tumbled Brick 2" x 4" Nickel Silver HLP


Tumbled Brick 2″ x 4″ Nickel Silver HLP is design to use as an accent piece for your kitchen backsplash or your bathrooms.
Can be use both interior and Exterior to give the natural look you are looking for. The Tumbled Brick combines really well with other tumbled natural stones like Light Travertine.

Tumbled Brick 2″ x 4″ it’s made with real Nickel Silver for the face, the body it’s made with a mix of resins and marble, making the pieces easy to cut. Can be glue with liquid nails glue or mortar, for better results remember to clean really good the surfaces.
The Tumbled liner and the natural stone are not included, for price on the Tumbled Large Bar Liner click here.


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